Rockaway Academy


internship programme for students with a passion for business and technology

What is Rockaway Academy and why do we offer it?

  • We offer paid internships to aspiring students. Have you ever wondered what would be like to work for a tech investment firm? Well, you're in the right place.
  • We want to cultivate the prospects of our business and our future colleagues.
  • We can help you grow and learn, and you can help us see things from a new perspective.

Who are we looking for?

  • Ambitious students from top universities in the region.
  • High-fliers who are not afraid to try new things and dive in head first.
  • Motivated learners with a growth-oriented mindset and passion for technology.

Ideal profile

  • A student finishing her/his third or fourth year at university,
  • having relevant work experience and having spent time abroad,
  • and able to work at least two days a week.
  • If you focus on economics, finance, business, management, IT or any similar field, you are at the righ place. We can create a tailor-made agenda for you.

Do you think you fit the bill?

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What we offer

  • Rockaway good times

    Opportunities and Experiences

    You can expect to gain substantial experience from your internship at Rockaway. From Day 1, you will work with us on exciting projects. You will not just sit in an office. We will show you where and how the magic happens: from e-commerce to start-up tech floors. You can expect to join us when we have a party. You are in for quite a ride.

  • Rockaway experience

    Possibility of Cooperation

    We are very excited about attracting young talents and offering people an opportunity to be part of an enthusiastic gang and intriguing environment, where they can grow both professionally and personally. If all goes well and it is evident that you are a good fit at Rockaway, we would be happy to make you an offer to continue your journey with us.

Why Rockaway?

  • When it comes to business, we know what we're talking about – over the past several years, we have achieved a lot and have grown into a leading strategic internet investor in the region.
  • We believe in quality. We identify value drivers in everything we do. We don't do things "just because". We work effectively and with purpose.
  • We are a team with professional approach yet still young in heart. We value individuality and promote an open and vibrant company culture.

An experienced team will look after the interns:

The people who will set your daily agenda can be from all parts of Rockaway – from the Venture Capital division to teams working directly in our portfolio companies.

You can be sure that we will share with you our know-how from specific areas of our business, giving you insight into everything that we do.


  1. 1

    Send us your application and a motivation letter

    Wait for our confirmation.

  2. 2

    We will let you know

    We'll have a call with you and talk about our mutual expectations.

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    Your CV will be scrutinised by Rockaway mentors.

  4. 4

    Second round

    The mentors will have a week to evaluate, then you will meet them directly.

  5. 5

    We’ll take you on board

    Your internship will start. During the first week, you will get a feel for how we run our businesses and start getting involved in particular projects.

  6. 6

    We’ll work until we drop

    The internship will last from 3 to 12 months – its actual length depends on how satisfied both you and we are. We will take you under our wing and show you our way of doing business. You will be helped by highly experienced colleagues throughout your journey.

  7. 7

    Your internship will end, but our relationship won't

    Whether we offer you long-term cooperation or go our separate ways, the experience that you will have gained will stay with you and will propel your growth further.

How will it look?

Hall of Fame

Jakub Losenický

Jakub Losenický Rockaway Academy Intern, now Project Lead at Rockaway Capital

“At the end of the internship, my goal was to get a full-time offer. The internship lasted two months and I immediately received this offer. What a success!”

Michaela Kulíšková

Michaela Kulíšková Rockaway Academy Intern, now Junior BI Manager at Bringmeister

“I worked for two months in the Rockaway Ventures division, which was then led by Viktor Fischer, and Jakub Daxner chose me for his team. Right at the beginning, I was shocked how responsible the tasks were. Under Viktor, we worked on an overview of potential startups in which CEE could invest. It seemed amazing to us that we could work on something so important! My most successful outcome was the analysis of the travel company markets in Western Europe – this project was evaluated very positively by the investment partners, and at the same time I learned to work independently and think critically. “

Max Palko

Max Palko Rockaway Academy Intern, now Investment Associate at Rockaway Ventures

“My typical day varied – sometimes I come in the morning, sometimes after lunch and sometimes I was there all day. This was mainly because I was working while I was still at school. I got the greatest pleasure from situations when I was given a task that I initially thought I could not handle. And then I could bring it to a successful conclusion despite the fact that I didn’t know anything about it at first.

Tereza Kalendová

Tereza Kalendová Rockaway Academy Intern (Rockaway Blockchain)

“Why did I sign up with Rockaway? There were two reasons. One was the company itself, because I was looking for more of a start-up environment. The second reason was the position, because being a blockchain intern was truly a challenge for me. When I came to Rockaway, everything that I was supposed to do was explained to me, but then no one led me by the hand and I had to throw myself into the process and work.”

Thuy An Nguyen

Thuy An Nguyen Rockaway Academy Intern (Rockaway Blockchain)

“I signed up for a Rockaway Blockchain internship because I wanted to learn new things and because it was a challenge for me – the blockchain world is relatively new and there was a lot that I could learn. It developed in every possible way. I started with an analysis of the implementation of cryptocurrencies, but it ended with writing some texts or helping with organisation of the Hackathon.”

Vendula Kulichová

Vendula Kulichová Koší & Rockaway Academy Intern

“The ideal candidate is someone who wants to experience something a little different than they would experience in a corporation. It is someone who is not afraid to discover, who is not afraid to be himself. It is not an internship for office rats, but rather a place for people who have their own personality, who have ideas and are not afraid to voice them. I would definitely do it again.”

Monika Vidličková

Monika Vidličková Rockaway Academy Intern

“I was surprised by the fact that it’s not a standard internship, as people would ordinarily imagine. It’s not about administrative work and carrying coffee – it’s about getting a hold on projects and actually learning something and working on it. I learned something new there practically every day. Our plans changed rapidly, so you always had to keep getting better.

Thao Trang Do

Thao Trang Do Rockaway Academy Intern

“It was a very pleasant change when I came to Rockaway, because I was working in audit before and there was definitely no need for a dress code and the atmosphere was much more relaxed and you generally work much better in this environment. The work was great, my colleagues were great and it was really nice there, but you have to realise that it’s necessary to work hard and that there is really a lot of work to do. I was completely satisfied with how things had turned out. And if I had to send a message to my younger self, I suppose I’d just say: ‘You’ll have a good year.‘”

Radek Kučera

Radek Kučera Mall Group Intern

“I was hoping that I would get to work on real projects and not tasks, where someone was trying to check, whether I am able to cram two thousand rows into an Excel sheet within 2 hours. That expectation was more than fulfilled. I have spent 1/2 year at the biggest portfolio company – Mall Group, an E-commerce giant in CEE. I worked directly for the board and key decision makers. I solely led projects that will have a positive impact on MG in the neighbourhood of millions of Euros.”

Klára Brabcová

Klára Brabcová Mall TV Intern

“I very much appreciated being thrown into the deep end and taught how to swim. My greatest experience was when my boss went away a couple of days after I got here and I had to completely take over for him. I was simply surprised that everyone accepted me as an equal member of the team – I think that one has the opportunity here to engage in work and meetings at a level that would normally not be possible at our age. At the same time, everyone is very supportive, so there is no reason to be afraid of that.”

Jakub Čermák

Jakub Čermák FinTech

I spent a day researching the latest payment methods, the next day in meetings with Czech start-up entrepreneurs, the third day calling representatives of German firms so I could help them solve a problem. The work was very diverse. This internship is not for anyone who doesn’t have courage and isn’t prepared to learn new things. The most important thing is that here you feel like a part of the team. You get the impression that the others are counting on you, that you’re not just doing something in the background that you send off to someone and go home.

Jan Kraváček

Jan Kraváček Rockaway Ventures, Rockaway Blockchain

I was most surprised by the tremendous flexibility here. I expected that I would analyse start-ups and present my findings to the more senior members of the team…. And that’s what happened in the first month or two, until the era of blockchain arrived. And that was something completely different than what I had expected. Blockchain is a highly complex field. I learned a lot about it and I greatly enjoyed it. I would gladly do it again ten times over.

Eduard Tisoň

Eduard Tisoň Fundlift

A major advantage of this internship is that you get a position according to your strengths. I have long been interested in finance, so I worked at the start-up Fundlift, which is the biggest investment crowdfunding platform in the Czech Republic. The work there changed a lot from week to week, while the biggest challenge was preparing materials for technically complex projects, such as for a nanotechnology company, where I could describe how it works while first having to understand its operation, which isn’t entirely easy.

Vanda Barátová

Vanda Barátová Techloop, Mall Group, Rockaway Ventures

When I come into a firm that is doing such great things, I soon find out just how much I don’t know. I am surprised by the level of detail at which you have to work in order to understand how the business operates. It occurs to you that you still have a lot to learn and that motivates you – you just need to jump in and get going. You have to get your hands dirty, because otherwise you won’t get anything out of it. I would definitely do it again.

Pavel Hloušek

Pavel Hloušek Rockaway Ventures

I want to work for a company where I can deal with people who truly know the business, not a firm managed by people somewhere in America whom I will never actually see. This personal dimension was there from the first day – when I came to Ventures, we discussed specifically what I wanted to learn and set up my agenda according to that. I most enjoyed meetings with the founders, when we talked about their start-ups, looked for opportunities and problems and discussed every aspect of their business. My internship gradually evolved, so I learned and was able to take on new tasks.

Michaela Kulíšková

Michaela Kulíšková Rockaway Ventures

I expected a strict environment and emphasis on performance, but I discovered something completely different. I found a firm without pretensions; it is very friendly, which makes it unique. You get to experience various things. I worked with perhaps absolutely everyone from travel to finance. I learned so much that I have the impression that this internship was invaluable.

Albert Krištof

Albert Krištof Mall Group

When I come into a firm that is doing such great things, I soon find out just how much I don’t know. I am surprised by the level of detail at which you have to work in order to understand how the business operates. It occurs to you that you still have a lot to learn and that motivates you – you just need to jump in and get going. You have to get your hands dirty, because otherwise you won’t get anything out of it. I would definitely do it again.

Anh Hoang

Anh Hoang Mall Group

I would definitely do the internship again, especially because of the people I got to know here. Furthermore, I was frequently in personal contact with the top management and practiced a lot of things on major projects, which was perhaps the greatest added value that I could get. This was not my first internship, but it was definitely the most open, personal and amiable.

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